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Meghmallar Estates and Services Private Limited was incorporated on January, 9, 1992 under the Companies Act, 1956, with primary objective of developing and building residential and commercial complexes. The first ISO 9001:2000 rated Real Estate Company in North East India. From the very inception the company’s able handed management has established itself as one of the foremost and reputed Developer/Builder of North East India in a short span of time.

Till date the Company has successfully completed more than 500 residential units in the city of Guwahati which includes a residential complex of 14 independent buildings having 180 residential units in Sewali Path, Hatigaon.

The Company has put its footprints within the length and breadth of the city of Guwahati with the completion of residential units in Uzanbazar, Kharghuli - I, Rehabari - I A.K. Azad Road, Rehabari - II A.K. Azad Road, Sewali Path, Hatigaon, Beltola, Rukminigaon, Joyanagar, Zoo Road, Kharghuli - II, Jatia (Ganeshguri).

From the very onset the Company’s motto had been to ensure in constructing - house to home – with a caring anticipation to clients utility and functionality, affordable as per the individual’s financial power and Meghmallar vouches to hand over such building / s to their esteemed clientele. Hence, adhering to this pioneering concept the Company has branded its products as CAB [ Caring Affordable Building ]





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