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Corporate Social Responsibilities


The Company has taken up the social initiative to set a trend in this part of the country by providing a single window for addressing the accommodation requirements (including tie up of housing loans from varied financial institutions) of all section of clienteles ranging from Low Income Group (LIG) to the High Income Group (HIG).

The Company also values its corporate social responsibilities and towards this end the company has registered a trust in the name of Meghmallar Art Foundation.

Meghmallar proposes to develop a platform to harness the dormant art talents of the North-East India and devise a means to generate avenues for employment. All the projects undertaken by Meghmallar Art Foundation will be initially fully funded by Meghmallar Estates and Services Pvt. Ltd. All revenue generated by Meghmallar Art Foundation will be utilized towards welfare activities, promotion and generation of employment opportunities for the people involved in development of Art and Culture.

Meghmallar also realizes its environmental responsibilities and all our projects are planned to create a conducive ambience harmonious to nature.




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