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Corporate Civic Responsibility


Realizing the importance of civic amenities in today’s unbalanced ecosystem, Meghmallar proposes to incorporate the following features as a standard and integral part of all its current and future projects:

1. Solid Waste Management

This scheme comprises

  • Sewage Treatment Plant ( STP ):- Sewerage Treatment Plants will replace the  commonly used Septic Tanks now in vogue.
  • Encourage use of organic manure through proper management and  utilization of kitchen and vegetable waste. Towards this end, Meghmallar  proposes to encourage residents in all its complexes to separate the  degradable and non degradable waste and store them in separate  containers for disposal. The company proposes to encourage entrepreneurs  in the field of compost culture, to collect the degradable waste from specific  points and ensure  proper  utilisation of the organic waste as manure.

2. Rain Water Harvesting

Recognizing the alarming prediction of acute water shortage in the 21st century due to the depletion of the ground water table, harnessing rain water seems to be the sole available alternative. Acknowledging this as a civic responsibility and priority concern, the Company shall endeavour to recharge the ground water table through Rain Water Harvesting Management Technology.

3. Non Soil Waste Water Recycling for ancillary use

Under this scheme, almost 80% of waste water from each dwelling unit would be filtered and re-utilized for ancillary use such as gardening, car wash, campus cleaning, drain cleaning & STP through Waste Water Filtration and Recycling Technology. None of the recycled water would be connected to the dwelling units. In other words there would be a complete segregation with the potable water connectivity.

4. Reticulated LPG Supply System

In order to ease the hassle of lifting gas cylinders up the floors or disruption in LPG supply, Meghmallar undertakes to install a reticulated gas supply to ensure continuous supply of cooking gas through pipeline to all the flats. The consumption will be billed through installed meters on actuals.

5. Creation of Eco-friendly environment

Conservation and protection of environment would be the Company’s primary objective. To achieve this, Meghmallar proposes optimum open space and landscaped greenery to ensure a happier, healthier environment. Schemes for waste and garbage disposal have been adopted by the company to promote the Green concept.

6. Caring friendly attitude towards Senior Citizens & Physically Challenged occupants.

Special care would be taken for the comfort and ease of senior residents and occupants with physical impairments so that living in a Meghmallar CAB becomes a funny pictures pleasure.

7. Recreational Facilities

To relieve the inevitable stress of modern living, Meghmallar has included various recreational facilities in its projects which would enable the residents to enliven their spirits, both mentally and physically.

8. Art Gallery for promotion of Creative Talent  through MAF

Meghmallar Art Foundation (MAF), the art & culture wing of Meghmallar Group undertakes to garner and promote latent art aspirants enabling and encouraging them to display their works at the Art Gallery/ Display Area in the complex. MAF also proposes to provide a platform to talented artist to take art as a career option.




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